SAT Optimized

The INTEGRATED version assume that the WMS has already divided the orders into concrete pallets (orders). With SAT OPTIMIZED it is possible to distribute orders optimally in pallets and to distribute the routes optimally.

Because the required calculations are heavier, our IPS Cloud service (development) is used. This service is only used to calculate. All data transfers from / to the cloud are encrypted. No data is stored online.


  • Same requirements as SAT integrated, plus:
  • Internet access (WIFI) for the SAT server on site

How does it work?

  • The WMS delegates the calculation of the optimal stacks / routes to IPS in the cloud.
  • Operation is the same as integrated with SAT.

When is SAT OPTIMZED suitable?

  • Very complex stacking and / or route combinations require more computing capacity than the order pick trucks / SAT have onboard.