SAT Integrated

By integrating a Pick to Voice system it is possible to take the next integration step with SAT. This makes the work of the order pickers even easier and simpler.

A management dashboard (development) is also available on the desired on-premise server. With this, various live results can be centrally controlled and can be obtained about the use of SAT within the entire warehouse. Think of orderpick truck management, user management, stock data management, statistics about the orders, live picking process, etc.


  • Collaboration / integration of Pick to Voice providers
  • Hosting a local server for SAT

How does it work?

  • The speech provider uses the SAT API (development) on the on-premise server.
  • The on-premise server communicates with the trucks
  • The order picker starts his picking round as usual.
  • The wearable is optional because the SAT system is controlled from the Pick to Voice system.

When is SAT integrated suitable?

  • There is a Pick to Voice system and the supplier is willing to cooperate in the integration of SAT.
  • There is a need for a dashboard with management information